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++Stemme USA at EAA AirVenture+++New Service Network++Cooperation Agreement
From July 28 to August 3, Stemme USA will exhibit at the 2014 EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh, USA. Visitors to the Stemme booth (No 117) can experience a Stemme Peak Performer S10, a high performance aircraft manufactured in Germany.

Cooperation Agreement with REMOS

In June 2014, Stemme AG has concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with LSA manufacturer Remos. The Germany based companies partner up regarding to improve their production capacity, and cooperate closely on commercial and business development.

Stemme AG has started the process of transferring the production of the composite components for its aircraft to the Remos Pasewalk facility. The first parts for the Stemme S6 private aircraft and ECARYS ES15 utility aircraft are being produced in Pasewalk, where REMOS is based.

Stemme AG and Remos GmbH are in the process of founding a joint company that will produce the composite parts for both aircraft manufacturers.

Remos GmbH and Stemme AG will combine their commercial efforts and use a common sales and distribution channel.

Both companies will use a common distribution channel in Europe, based on the Stemme distributor network.

Business development in the North American market will be supported by Mark Stevenson via Stemme USA, the Stemme sales company.

“There is substantial synergy between both companies and both organisations” says Paul Masschelein, Stemme AG CEO. “We make a complementary range of aircraft and target largely the same customer segment. It makes perfect business sense to combine forces, in the commercial area as well as in operations. Apart from strengthening our business potential, this cooperation will also enhance efficiency for both companies. This cooperation is a natural development for Stemme AG”.

USA & Europe: Comprehensive Service- and Maintenance Network

Since Paul Masschelein took over as CEO in November 2012 a lot of things have changed.

Mark Stevenson, who has been heading the US business of the Germany based company since the beginning of the year has managed to establish a US-wide service network that will help Stemme maintaining its excellent customer service.

Stemme also has extended dealer and maintenance network in the rest of the world, which is continuously growing. It now consists of 10 dealerships and service points in Europe and a growing service- and maintenance network in the USA.

Stemme Peak Performer S10

Built with a retractable propeller and a modified turbocharged Rotax mid-engine, this aircraft offers high performance soaring and ambitious touring. With a wing span of 75 feet the S10 has a glide ratio of up to 50:1. A retractable undercarriage optimizes the aerodynamic qualities. Pilots obtain refined flying performance by innovative design.

Stemme Sky Sportster S6

The Stemme Sky Sportster S6 is a CS22 certified sports aircraft that stands for sportive touring combined with distinct soaring capabilities.

As of 2014, the Stemme Sky Sportster S6 is also available in an extended wingspan version, the Sky Sportster S6 EW, with an increased wingspan of 20 meters and a glide ratio of 1:38 (in comparison to 18 m wingspan and a glide ratio of 1:36 before).
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