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Embry-Riddle Experts Weigh in on MH17 Crash
Faculty experts from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University have been in high demand this past week, as news correspondents around the world search for answers in last week's crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 in Ukraine.

Daytona Beach Crash Investigator Anthony Brickhouse, Prescott Campus Chief Academic Officer Dr. Richard Bloom and Prescott's Safety Science Professor Bill Waldock were just a few of those on staff who offered insight into the crash that killed nearly 300 people.


- Dr. Richard Bloom was featured in one Fox TV news story on July 17:

- He was featured in a second Fox story July 18:

- And he was also featured on CBS:

- Bill Waldock was featured on “Kevin Newman Live” on Canadian national television:

- Worldwide Professor Dr. David Ison spoke in a KGW story:

Anthony Brickhouse was interviewed on CTV News:


- Bill Waldock was cited in Bloomberg:

- Prescott Campus Assistant Professor of Air Traffic Management Brent Spencer was featured in the Washington Post:

- Worldwide College of Business Dean Dr. Kees Rietsema was featured on Vox:

- Worldwide College of Business Dean Timothy Holt was featured in Free Malaysia Today:

- Daytona Campus Doctoral Studies Department Chair Dr. Alan Stolzer was featured in Morningstar:

- Dr. Erin Bowen, associate professor and chair of the Safety Science Department at the Prescott Campus, was featured in a Daily News story titled “Malaysia Airlines Likely to Suffer Greatly in Aftermath of Second Disaster”:

- Prescott Campus Aeronautical Science Professor Tim Sestak was featured in the Politico: [ home ]

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