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Fuel/Oil Formulations to Alleviate Wear On Start Up, Clean Fuel Systems & Injectors & Cleaning/Detailing Products
Glidden, WI- Locally owned Chippewa Solutions LLC announced today July 15 they are entering the Diesel and Gas Fuel conditioner, oil additive, general purpose cleaning and aircraft cleaning business with proven products that have been used in select markets since 2000 are now becoming available worldwide.

Chippewa Solutions products are specifically formulated to improve engine efficiencies, alleviate wear on startup and to clean surfaces like you have never experienced before. Fuel additives are formulated to oxygenate, clean injectors with lubricity agents, increase Cetane in diesel fuels and neutralize ethanol for gas engines. Chippewa Solutions Gun Accurate oil contains rust inhibitors, dispersant agents and corrosion inhibitors. Chippewa Solutions products are extensively by numerous State Police county sheriffs, school bus corporations, major trucking companies and owner operators.

A new aircraft wash, CHIPPEWA THUNDERBOLT is a newly formulated cleaner for aircraft skin and frame cleaning that contains no phosphates, no phenols and is biodegradable.

Please visit Chippewa Solutions in the Fly Market Booths 779 & 780.

Tom Hanson
PO Box 36
Glidden, WI. 54527
414 255 9869

www.chippewasolutions (website is under development)

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