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World renowned leaders in radial engine design and manufacture.
Powering classic recreational aircraft since the year 2000.

Why run with the 912 pack? Make your project count! Break away from the norm and make the Rotec Radial your next engine choice.

“There are two issues with owning a Rotec radial, firstly it takes way too long to refuel from all the questions the many onlookers ask me. And secondly, the sore face muscles from all the smiling I do” - David Shaw. AU. Gere Sport Biplane.

“I have dealt with many companies in my time, but I have never before had the after sales, service and support I have received from Rotec, these guys are the best” - Phil Swenson USA R2800 powered Celebrity

Are you ready to have a project that will leave a legacy? Are you ready to recapture the romanticism of a bygone era? Time is ticking. [ home ]

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