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ELITE Simulation Training & Safety Management Centers Debut
ORLANDO, Fl. – June 24, 2014 – ELITE Simulation Solutions announces the opening of the first international ELITE Simulation Training and Safety Management Centers™ in Orlando, Florida and Dubendorf, Switzerland.

ELITE training centers are multi-faceted Aviation Resource Learning Centers or, as described by CEO, John Dixon, “a mental gymnasium for pilots that will foster a culture of safety, proficiency and confidence in the flying community. Since flying aircraft are exercises in risk management, learning and staying proficient is crucial for managing aviation safety. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere and the resources that will contribute to the safety, proficiency and confidence of all pilots.”

ELITE Centers provide a stressfree environment for pilots to learn, rehearse, review, practice, socialize and turn training into an enjoyable experience. The Centers feature multiple FAA and EASA approved aviation training devices that range from simple, complex, twin piston and twin turbine airplanes to helicopters of twin turbine, single turbine and piston design. The Center is also complete with classrooms, conference rooms, a resource library and testing facility for individual pilots of all skill levels, aero clubs, enthusiasts, students, and instructors. Additionally, local flight schools looking for space, facilities and aviation training devices to enhance their own flight training programs are encouraged.

Scheduled classes for ground school, pre-hire, scenario based training, initial, recurrent, IFR, VFR training, Pilot/ATC communications training, advanced avionics such as GPS WAAS and glass cockpits, MCC, and commercial are planned. Custom courses can be arranged on demand. Simulators can be scheduled on-line and freelance instructors are welcome to register on our website as an available resource for pilots looking for specific expertise.

From July 14-19, instructor pilots are invited to visit and use the Center as well as all our airplane and helicopter simulators for free. Official Grand Opening date of the Center will be announced soon. For more information contact Wayne Keyes at 407-359-8787 ext. 205, or

About ELITE Simulation Solutions
ELITE was a pioneer in the development of PC-based simulation. Since 1987, ELITE has been a leading global provider of IFR training software, simulator hardware and aviation training devices. ELITE’s extensive portfolio today includes FTD, FNPT, BITD, STD, BATD, and AATD simulation solutions for both fixed wing and rotary wing. ELITE trainers have received approval by governmental authorities in many countries on all continents. ELITE customers include private and professional pilots, colleges, universities, corporate flight departments, airlines, civil and military training institutions in more than 70 countries. With headquarters in Switzerland and the US, ELITE has representative offices in Brazil, India, Australia, and certified dealers on every continent. Additional information about ELITE Simulation Solutions is available at
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