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Viking Taking Over Oshkosh
Less than one month to Oshkosh and the pressure to be "ready" is on.
This is where having wonderful customers come in handy.
Vern will have his CH-750 STOL flown in from Florida - Dave is flying his beautiful Viking RV-12 - Casey is bringing His Yellow Viking Sonex from Vermont - Ken is arriving from California in his polished Viking Sonex - Viking will fly the Sonex Sport from Florida - Dwayne will fly in with the Viking SeaRey - Chuck is flying his Viking powered and wing tank fueled RV-12 - Edward Gray might be ready in time to showcase his KitFox - Robert is bringing his Viking Highlander to fly down at the Ultralight runway - Stan Albright (Viking Dealer) is bringing his Viking S-7 for display. Anyone else that have a Viking engine or Viking powered aircraft are welcome to participate. [ home ]

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