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SocialFlight Adds $100 Hamburgers, Attractions, Golf and More - Over 100,000 Points of Interest within Walking Distance of Airports
Sudbury, MA – July 1, 2014 – SocialFlight, the FREE web and mobile app that maps all General Aviation events, has added points-of-interest to its growing list of features, expanding beyond aviation events to become a resource for all aviation destinations, including the ubiquitous “$100 hamburger”.

The new release; SocialFlight 4, allows users to view over 100,000 unique Points-of-Interest (POIs), all within walking distance of airports and aviation events. Tapping on any airport or event on the SocialFlight map opens a pop-up showing the user categories of POIs nearby, as well as event summary information, airport information and even local weather. In addition, users can filter the map to display airports based on nearby POI types such as Food, Lodging, Transportation, Attractions, Camping and Aviation Businesses.

SocialFlight 4 also includes airport information, including runways and frequencies, as well as live NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFs. In an effort to support local aviation businesses, SocialFlight 4 provides users the ability to highlight local pilot shops, flight schools, maintenance facilities, FBOs and on-field restaurants directly within the app for a nominal fee.

SocialFlight is a FREE mobile app and web suite which maps graphically maps over 15,000 aviation events important to pilots such as Aircraft Fly-in's, Air Shows, Pancake Breakfasts, Conventions, FAA Safety Seminars and much more. SocialFlight users can search for events, add events, chat, upload photos, get email notifications, send event notices to their friends and even add events automatically to their Google or Outlook calendar. Key to SocialFlight’s success is the personalized Weekly Event Planner, sent weekly to SocialFlight members; containing upcoming events in their local area and motivating them to get out and fly!

"In less than 24 months, SocialFlight has already proven that General Aviation can be re-energized. The key is giving pilots a mission and a reason to fly.” said Jeff Simon, President of SocialFlight. “With the addition of nearby restaurants, hotels and other attractions near airports, Social flight has become go-to information source for every pilot, motivating them to get out and fly today”

SocialFlight has grown rapidly since its launch just over a year ago, reaching over 200,000 pilots directly and through the SocialFlight event map used by General Aviation News, AVweb, Kitplanes, IMC Club and many other media outlets and organizations across the industry. SocialFlight is an asset to General Aviation supported by industry leaders including Jeppesen, Champion Aerospace, Avidyne, AOPA Insurance Services, Lightspeed Aviation, Spencer Aircraft, ASL CamGuard and Sennheiser. These companies have teamed up with SocialFlight to help support the growth of SocialFlight and promote the aviation industry.

SocialFlight is a FREE App available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. It is also available on the Google Play Store for Android Phones and Tablets, as well as on the web at

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