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FMA Celebrating Wilbur Wright's Birthday
April 4, 2014: Fort Worth, TX: The Flying Musicians Association to co-host a Fly-In MusicJam at First Flight (FFA) to celebrate Wilbur Wright’s Birthday. Along with the First Flight Society and the National Parks Service, FMA encourages everyone who enjoys aviation and music to fly in or drive to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for aviation, music and fun on April 16, 2014 from 9 am until 3pm.

Join flying musicians, local musicians, students, the community and others as we host a Fly-In at First Flight Airport celebrating Wilbur Wright's Birthday. FMA will give a presentation at noon about the correlation between aviation and music. The Annual Art Contest Winner will be announced; the winners and their families will be given a tour of the Wright Brothers Monument. There will be food for breakfast, snacks and a birthday cake at noon to celebrate Wilbur's Birthday. Bring your instruments and let’s celebrate!

About First Flight Society: The First Flight Society is a non-profit, memorial, educational and historical organization, incorporated in the State of North Carolina, and has as its purpose the following objectives:
- To foster and promote a public awareness of, and widespread interest in, the origin and history of flight.
- To memorialize Orville and Wilbur Wright, first in the world to successfully achieve powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine.
- To organize, conduct, sponsor, co-sponsor, promote, or otherwise cause appropriate ceremonies and events to be held annually, on the anniversary and at the site and elsewhere, commemorating the first flight of the Wright Brothers.
- To encourage visits to the historic site so that all may see first-hand the birthplace of powered flight.
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The Flying Musicians Association (FMA), founded in 2009, is an organization of pilots who are musicians, spanning the globe, proficiency levels and genres. The skills required to play an instrument and fly an aircraft have marked similarities, from precision and multitasking to listening and fine motor skills. By educating others about these common attributes we hope to further interest in both. The goal is to share our passions in order to inspire, educate, and encourage others by creating enthusiasm and promoting personal growth in aviation and music. The mission of the organization: “Pilot Musicians sharing their passion while encouraging and educating youth (& adults) in the science and art of aeronautics and music.” More:
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