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Exciting Improvements for 2014 at Lancair
Rough Service Landing Gear, Higher Gross Weight, Improved Aileron design and eKAPS Pressurization lead changes

The ‘Rough Service Landing Gear” leads the list of improvements for the 2014 Evolution Kits. Many customers, especially those in countries with fewer paved airport options have expressed interest in a more robust landing gear with larger tires and a softer footprint. Lancair has answered them with an optional “Rough Service Landing Gear” for unpaved operations. The RSLG option consists of proprietary Grove wheels and brakes, Goodyear 18x6.5-8 12 ply main tires, improved nose gear geometry and structural upgrades. This new main landing gear provides essentially the same PSF loading as found on other large “Bush” qualified Turboprops. A by-product of the development and drop testing of the RSLG is Lancair’s approval of a higher gross weight for the Evolution. As the Evolution matures, many builders have taken advantage of their freedom to add options to their Evolution, increasing the empty weight and therefore, decreasing the payload. The drop tests and higher weight stall tests carried out to prove the rugged RSLG option also proved the viability of increasing the Max Gross Weight by 250 pounds to 4550 pounds. Given the higher Empty Weight of 2650 pounds, the Evolution can now be constructed with more optional features and still carry 800 pounds with full fuel.
The standard landing gear also benefits from new standard Goodyear 18x4.4-10 ply tires that provide a larger contact patch, a stiffer carcass for better ground handling and more grip on braking. The nose gear improvements also carry over to the standard landing gear as does the higher permitted Gross Weight.

Some felt that the roll forces on the Evolution were too high at higher speed when hand flying. Lancair has responded with redesigned ailerons that feature an integrated trim tab and a different shape that provides lighter, yet speed proportional roll forces.

On the Legacy front, Lancair is very excited about the new G3X Touch touch screen and will be incorporating it as an option on the Lancair panel for all Legacy models.

Taking advantage of one of the chief benefits of E-AB category aircraft, Lancair continues to make many small running changes while striving to continuously improve the product.
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Lancair International Inc, founded in 1984, is celebrating its 30th year selling the world’s most successful high performance piston and turbine kit aircraft. To date, the company has delivered over 2,000 kits. As testimony to their quality and design, Lancair aircraft have set a number of world speed records and have dominated the Sports Class at the Reno Air Races for several years. For more information on Lancair International Inc., visit or call (541) 923-2244.
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