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DAHER-SOCATA’s new TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft comes to SUN ‘n FUN 2014 for its debut public appearance
• The newest member in the TBM family of very fast single-engine turboprop business aircraft brings speed and style to the U.S. season opening event

Lakeland, Florida, USA, April 1, 2014 – DAHER-SOCATA is showcasing two new TBM 900 during this week’s 40th SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo at Lakeland, Florida, which will mark the new aircraft’s initial public presentation.

Based on its improvements, the TBM 900 has attracted significant attention among pilots, owners and operators, with more than 40 already ordered, and as of March 31st,the first 6 airplanes have already been delivered to their customers.

“With its large public attendance, SUN ‘n FUN offers us the opportunity to share the fruit of three years of intensive work in the fields of market surveys, engineering and manufacturing” explained Stéphane Mayer, DAHER-SOCATA’s President & CEO. He added : "We are proud to introduce the TBM 900 to the market".

As an active pilot, Mayer is rated on the TBM 900, and came to SUN 'n FUN flying a TBM 900 on its ferry flight from France to its customer in the U.S.A.

Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of DAHER-SOCATA’s Airplane Business Unit, underscored the tremendous interest generated by TBM 900’s improvements in speed, efficiency and comfort. “All of this aircraft’s development and production milestones occurred on time, meeting our extremely ambitious goals,” he added. “As part of an internationalization for the TBM program, new technologies have been integrated from new suppliers – many of them U.S. based.”

The TBM 900 offers superior performance for a low fuel consumption, along with a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts., and 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range. This is the result of aerodynamic improvements along with other aircraft enhancements.

Changes incorporated by DAHER-SOCATA in the TBM 900 include:

• Aerodynamic optimization through the addition of winglets and a vertical tailfin strake, as well as a new tail cone;

• The use of a five-blade composite propeller and redesigned spinner;

• A complete nose-to-firewall redesign for improved engine airflow circulation – featuring a banana-shaped air intake, carbon-fiber cowlings and new exhaust stacks;

• Enhanced human-machine interface features, ranging from an ergonomic control yoke with new functions to the restyled cockpit panel for increased visibility and interaction with secondary system controls;

• A revised cockpit center pedestal that incorporates a single-control throttle operation, associated with a new torque limiter that enables the use of 850 hp. engine power at takeoff;

• A completely revamped electrical system with 300-amp starter generator that allows new avionics and electronic devices to be

• Increased passenger comfort, benefitting from lower cabin noise levels, an automated pressurization system and new-design seats.

Retaining primary airframe commonality with the predecessor TBM 850 – including its Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66D powerplant – the enhanced TBM 900 version ensures a proven airframe/engine combination.

By using the available 850 shp. engine power from takeoff, the aircraft’s ground roll is reduced – even in hot-and-high conditions – while its improved climb rate enables the 31,000-ft. ceiling to be reached in 18 minutes, 45 seconds.

Following its March 12 unveiling in France and deliveries of the initial aircraft at a Florida ceremony on March 20, the TBM 900 has now begun a series of public appearances. After SUN ‘n FUN, the TBM 900 will next participate in Europe’s AERO general aviation show at Friedrichshafen, Germany, to be held April 9-12, and the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland on May 20-22
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About the TBM aircraft family – DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM family of fast single-engine turboprop aircraft combine cruising speed and trip times of a light jet with the economic direct operating costs, range and moderate environmental signature of a turboprop engine. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of its customers’ favorite features. More than 660 TBM aircraft have been produced and delivered to date. Operated in 35 countries, the TBM fleet has logged a combined 1.1 million flight hours. About DAHER – DAHER is a tier-1 equipment supplier to high-technology industries. DAHER offers manufacturing and services solutions to the aerospace & defense, nuclear & energy and capital goods sectors. With a robust engineering-based approach, DAHER is able to deliver innovative and differentiating solutions to its industrial customers. Created in 1863, DAHER is an international group, present in 12 countries across the world. In 2013, DAHER generated a turnover of nearly one billion euros, with an order book equivalent to more than three years of turnover. DAHER-SOCATA is the aerospace and defense division of the DAHER Group.
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