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Lakeland, Florida, March 30, 2014: Levil Technology Corporation, developer and manufacturer of the iLevil Series of AHRS, WAAS GPS, and ADS-B In portable receivers just completed and announced their new corporate website.

Ananda Leon, Systems Engineer, Research and Development, spearheaded the website project: “We worked hard to bring videos, tutorials, user-guides and helpful content to customers and pilots who share a passion for aviation. Please check it out and share with your friends... let us know how we can improve.”

Joe Marszal, Levil’s Director of Sales and Marketing, added, “We are very proud of our new website built specifically with our customers in mind. The new website provides a rich customer experience, is easy to navigate and visually appealing. If you own an iLevil, please post pictures of your setup or yourself, on our Facebook page ( or email us so we can put them up on the new website.”

The new site,, is both informative and intuitive, and includes an array of videos that take you to the sky and demonstrate the iLevil experience during actual flight. These augment all the comprehensive user guides that include diagrams and documents; and there’s an easy-to-navigate product/warranty registration on the home page.

The new site also includes a section on compatible apps, helping you to get the best app for your needs and avoid duplication (and there’s a super-enhanced “compatibles” section in the works!)

There’s a set of quick links to informative items in the ever-changing avionics world, as well, answering in layman’s terms questions like “What’s ADS-B?” And there’s an FAQ section that gives you answers before you have even thought of the questions!

Add to all that, links to Levil press coverage, Levil’s domestic and international distributors; and the new Gallery, that includes product photos, in-flight screen shots of different Apps and devices in the cockpit – and soon, photos of users and their applications.

Attending Sun ’n Fun?
Stop by the Levil Technology booth, Building C-015, at Sun ‘n Fun (Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport – KLAL -- April 1 through April 6) and pick up the new Levil Technology iLevil Series brochure. Place the brochure, with the logo showing in your shirt pocket, while you are at Sun N’ Fun, and email us a photo or post your photo on our Facebook page ( making sure you add your name for verification. There’s a very special offer attached to your efforts!

Note: Look for the hidden Levil Technology logo somewhere on the new website for a Special Offer! [ home ]

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