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Trident Building Systems, Inc. Announces New Dealership with AirSide Door Systems, LLC
For nearly 30 years, Trident Building Systems, Inc. has been an industry leading manufacturer of quality pre-engineered metal building hangars. Some of Trident’s more notable hangars include the Jet Blue/Live TV hangar in Orlando, Florida, with over 67,000 square feet inclusive of a 300 foot clear span truss system, and the Sheltair Aviation Hangar at Fort Lauderdale International Airport with over 138,000 square feet and seven units. Trident has consistently served the aviation industry by providing quality buildings at competitive prices. The 116,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art equipment capable of producing several thousand tons of steel monthly.

Trident is very excited to announce its recent dealership with AirSide Door Systems, LLC, a Florida company specializing in HydraLink™ doors, a revolutionary, single panel, self supporting vertical lifting hydraulic, door system, utilizing link and pivot connections. HydraLink™ is currently the largest self supporting lift door on the market with design spans in excess of 160 feet wide. The doors are designed to withstand hurricane force winds and provide a canopy surface for the exterior of building when open. The uniquely designed link and pivot connection operates within a constant range of motion thereby creating an anti-vibration design which lengthens the lifespan of the door. The HydraLink™ doors are all steel construction and provide a true full clear span. Push button controls are easy to use and pilot door features can be added. This door system can be retrofitted to fit existing buildings.
To receive more information about Trident Building Systems, Inc., or AirSide Door Systems, LLC, please contact our office by phone or email (941-755-7073,
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