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Free Cuban Over Flight Permits at Sun n Fun - Fly Your Plane Over Cuba
Caribbean Flying Adventures

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Cuban Over Flight Permits at Sun n Fun
Fly your Plane across Cuba
Booth A078 (CFA) helps pilots obtain permits to fly their planes over Cuba. It is legal, safe and inexpensive. CFA offers one free roundtrip permit with a $39.95 annual membership in the CFA Pilot’s Guide for the Bahamas and Caribbean. This free permit is for private pilots flying their own aircraft for pleasure with a MTOW of less than 6,600 lbs. charges $362. Other vendors charge as much as $612 for the same service.

CFA will also help pilots contact Cuba directly for free permits. Information from AOPA and that pilots cannot obtain permits directly from Havana is incorrect. Pilots can also pay Cuba directly for any permit fees via bank wire transfers.

Pilots can request permits, make payments and receive instant invoices on-line in a seamless, hassle free process from
You will receive your permit same day or next day. To qualify for the $39.95 fee, the flight must be for “pleasure” with the aircraft owner flying the plane (with a MTOW of less than 6,600 lbs). Heavier “pleasure” flights will be charged $235. Commercial, charter, business and ferry flights cost $325 roundtrip. Last minute permits can be issued overnight and on weekends for an additional fee. Pilots may depart anytime during the 48 hour permit period.

Cuba requires all aircraft to fly IFR while in their airspace. Cuban ATC is friendly, professional and English speaking. Minimum altitude when crossing Cuba is 8,000 ft. Pilots must stay on published north-south airways. There are numerous airways for direct flights to Jamaica, The Caymans Islands, and Central and South America.

Caribbean Flying Adventures is a leading provider of Cuban Over flight permits for major airlines, charter operators, ferry flights, business flights and private flights. It is also the lowest cost provider in the market.

For additional information, contact Jim Parker at or by phone at 305-667-6282.

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