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XtremeAir is back to Sun’n Fun with a certified unlimited aerobatic aircraft – the XA42!
XtremeAir produces in a manufactured manner the world’s most modern unlimited aerobatic aircraft, the two seater XA42 and the single seater XA41.
We build a full carbon fibre aircraft with a monocoque with the highest possible safety for the pilots. The XA42 is certified by FAA and the EASA CS23 certification standard.
A roll rate of 450° per second and full aileron deflection up to VNE are just 2 facts which promise extremest agility.
200 knots cruising speed and a max. range of 1050NM are impressive travelling characteristics.
Its assembling or disassembling within 2 hours makes the XA42 extreme flexible and interesting especially for competition and airshow pilots.
Beside numerous good results at worldwide competitions the XA41 achieved at the WAC 2013 world championships in Texas the 3rd place and 1st place in the Freestyle category!!

Come and visit us at NE7/NE8!!!
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