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NIU Group Aircraft Division Presents: LSA Topaz by Ekolot
March 26th, 2014 - DeKalb, IL-- For the first time in Florida, on the 40th anniversary of Sun'n Fun, come experience the inventive technology of the Topaz by Ekolot. We will be located at Paradise City, booth #3, where innovation combines with classic features designed for pilots to meet the needs of the light sport era. The NIU Group, from DeKalb, IL, will proudly be representing and showing planes by Ekolot, manufactured in Poland. With a long history of experience with these planes in Europe, we are proud to announce their availability for meeting the needs of the light sport era in the United States.

We are proud to introduce ourselves, the NIU-Group Aircraft Division, as the first distributors in the United States of the new light-sport aircraft KR-030 Topaz. This light-sport airplane is being manufactured by Ekolot in Poland. We also have two other models available: Junior JK-05L and Motor glider Elf JK-01.

The KR-030 is being sold worldwide – Canada, South Africa, Poland, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, France and Thailand.

This Light Sport Aircraft is fueled by the same gasoline as your car. Some of the benefits the owner can expect with this particular Light Sport Aircraft are that it is more economical than other LSAs in this category. When comparing operating costs, as well as price for gas, and fixed operating costs per flight hour, the KR-030 Topaz’s costs are one-third of those of the Cessna 172 SP.

An additional benefit of the KR-030 Topaz is its standard safety features. Each aircraft is equipped with an airframe emergency parachute. Some other important features are that it operates quietly (only 69 db and has low stall speeds (with flaps retracted – 44 knots, flaps extended – 36.6 knots). In a school setting, work environment, or just for pleasure, you can take advantage of the 560 lbs of useful load.

Ron McElroy, an experimental test pilot, trained at the Edwards AFB, CA USAF Test Pilot School recently completed a report on the Topaz aircraft. He has flown over 10,000 hours in over 100 types of aircraft during a 37 year career as a USAF pilot, civilian instructor pilot, check airman and airline pilot, and consultant. With regards to the cockpit and cabin evaluation Ron said, “The cockpit layout is very efficient and logical for a LSA, with easy access to all the displays, switches, and levers. The safety feature of blocking the starter push-button with the fuel cutoff valve is a feature I would like to see on more aircrafts. The fuel cutoff valve is readily visible on the forward center console and must be selected to the ON position to allow access to the starter button.” In his report on the flight operations of the plane, he felt that the Topaz flight control system handling qualities are very light and predictable. It is also responsive to aileron and elevator inputs; the Topaz was quite stable in a trimmed condition, with only minor deviations in turbulence. Roy’s overall evaluation of his experience flying the Topaz was that, “its flying qualities and performance exceeded my expectations. It is easy to fly, very stable, and efficiently operates with the Rotax 912 80-hp engine. Certified as a Light Sport Aircraft, I believe it would be a very fun aircraft for anyone to fly”.

Come check out the Topaz by Ekolot at booth #3 in Paradise City! [ home ]

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