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The New & Mighty Mini EFIS by GRT Avionics
GRT Avionics has raised the bar for backup flight instruments and economy EFIS systems with the all-new Mini, which has more features than any other EFIS in its price range and size category.

Designed as a backup flight instrument and independent autopilot control in one, the Mini provides a stable, independent attitude indication as well as pitot-static flight instrumentation with optional synthetic vision. All three Mini models feature standard internal 5 Hz GPS with navigation capability, a backup battery option, and a brilliant 1200-nit 4.3" LCD screen. They can also serve as a serial encoder for any modern transponder and a control head for a remote Trig TT22 transponder.

The Mini comes in three models, ranging in price from $995 to $2,100 plus options. The Mini-B is the most basic model, intended as a simple backup flight instrument for IFR operations, and is being offered at an introductory price of $995 through the end of April 2014. The Mini-X adds synthetic vision, basic GRT autopilot controls, and optional remote compass, moving map and HSI. In addition to the features of the Mini-X, the Mini-AP offers full ARINC-429 capability for vertical autopilot guidance coupled to IFR GPS navigation systems. When combined with a pair of GRT digital autopilot servos, the Mini-AP is a stand-alone fully-featured autopilot and precision backup flight instrument in one.

The Mini is in final stages of testing this week. For more information and a full features list, please visit or visit the GRT Avionics Sun 'n Fun booth in building D, space 005/006.  [ home ]

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