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For Immediate Release: Recreational Mobility Announces FlareAssist™
An Ultrasonic Altimeter for Experimental Float & Amphibious Aircraft

Recreational Mobility announces a new product called FlareAssist™, enabling pilots of Experimental Amphibious and Float equipped aircraft to properly judge the height of the aircraft over glassy water.
“Glassy water affects all seaplane operations. It does not judge that you are flying floats or hulls, an Ultralight or a fast Composite seaplane,” said Jim Ratte, Owner of Recreational Mobility, a distributor for the Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey. “Glassy water operations are similar to IFR operations in that you must trust your instrumentation. FlareAssist™ gives us that additional edge. With a safety pilot, I’ve flown approaches to touchdown without looking outside the cockpit. I didn’t know I was on water, until the aircraft simply decelerated.”

FlareAssist™ has been developed by Pursley Design LLC and will be manufactured in USA, with distribution and service by Recreational Mobility. We had a soft introduction of FlareAssist™ at the Sebring Light Sport Expo in January, and the inquiries afterward were staggering. FlareAssist™ consists of an external mounted transducer which uses rapid pulses of ultra-high frequency sound waves, then annunciates the computer-filtered results through the pilot’s headset.

FlareAssist™ is currently flying on several SeaRey amphibious aircraft. We will be announcing availability to the public shortly.

Founded in 1997, Recreational Mobility, is the only full time, full service distributor for the Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey. The company offers a wide range of products and services related to the SeaRey and the world of water flying.

For more information:

Jim Ratte
321 253 9434

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