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ATP now offers IOSA pre-audit capability for Part 135 certificate holders

Challenged with IOSA audits? Flying International destinations and requiring IOSA accreditation? Managing the cost of audits and the workload to demonstrate conformance to audit standards?

ATP has long offered IOSA pre-audit capability to its ICAP web-based compliance and conformance products and services for Part 121 certificate holders. With the latest release of the ICAP product and service offering, ATP is now positioned to help you reduce the cost of pre-audits, reduce the redundancy of bi-annual audits and position you to manage IOSA audit related information as a part of day-to-day operations for Part 135 operations.

ICAP contains the latest (at all times) IOSA audit data collection tools. Before entering into an audit with the IOSA registered audit companies, you can now review all your documentation in advance to ameliorate any missing or inaccurate data before the auditors fee based service commences. ICAP supports you by providing the latest questions, an ability to identify conforming text in documents and to manage a letter of compliance to the audit questions.

Through the use of ICAP’s search and capture capabilities, and library of your manuals, you can easily find, identify and tag conforming text to audit each audit question. ICAP tracks the conforming text so that if manuals change, or the questions change, the compliance officer is notified so that corrective action can take place.

A cost effective service, ICAP is available at all times and from anywhere over the internet. ICAP can accept entry from assigned users and then require a valid management approval before final acceptance of the conforming text and its related IOSA question. Since it is web based, and with secure access for each user, multiple users and subject matter experts can maintain the compliant test and yet be overseen by the compliance officer to ensure accuracy.

Please contact Bob Trevelyan at or call +1 415 330 9502 to discuss how we can facilitate your upcoming, current or future audit and minimize the effort required to support the official IOSA audit team.

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ATP’s unique combination of innovative technology, skilled aviation professionals, and a deep understanding of safety information management systems generates proven intelligence solutions for the compliance challenges of the aviation industry. ATP is also the world’s largest single source provider of aviation maintenance and regulatory information, offering over 700 maintenance libraries from aviation’s leading airframe, engine, propeller and manufacturers including critical regulatory information from the FAA, ICAO, EASA, and other international civil aviation authorities, and are accessed with the industry standard NavigatorV® software platform.