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DAHER-SOCATA Received the Order of the First 28 Kits for the Avionics Upgrade of French MoD’s Xingu Aircraft

• DAHER-SOCATA Support department has received from the French MoD Procurement Agency the order for the first 28 avionics upgrade kits, on a total of 39 scheduled, to upgrade the avionics of the Embraer Xingu, multiengine training and liaison aircraft of the French Air Force & Navy.
Tarbes, December 21st, 2009 – DAHER-SOCATA announces today the reception by the DGA, the Procurement agency of the French Ministry of Defense, the receipt of the the French Navy Xingu avionics upgrade prototype, following the approval of the French Air Force protototype. This final qualification validate the purchase by DGA of the first 28 kits allowing the avionics modernisation of the twin turboprop Embraer EMB-121 Xingu fleet of the French Armed Forces.
In service since 1982 the Xingu aircraft is operated by the The Military Air Transport School (EAT) of the French Air Force, based in Avord, for multiengine aircraft training of military air transport crews of the French Air Force, the French Navy and some participating countries. Some Xingu are also operated for liaison duties within squadron 24F and 28F of the French Navy.
This avionics modernization program will ease the operation of those aircraft into Euiropean Air Traffic environment and provide a high quality training platform adapted to the requirements and concepts of the upcoming generation of military transport aircraft such as the A400M or the MRTT.
“ We’re glad of this milestone success that gives us a go-ahead for the delivery of the first 28 kits to Atelier Industriel de l’Air de Clermont-Ferrand, which will be responsible for the avionics kit installation.” Stated Raphaël Maître, Vice President Customer Support, of DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Division. “For our teams this is the achievement of a two years intensive work inlcuding the research and development of the new cockpit definition, the modification of two Xingu prototypes, one for the French Air Force and one for the French Navy followed by ground and flight test campaign and fine tuning. Now French Armed Forces will benefit from a modernized aircraft at the latest standard and at the lowest cost.” He concluded
The selected kit includes a Sagem Avionics suite with two ICDS-10 screens as primary flight display, an ICDS multifunction screen displaying engine parameters. The suite is complemented by com-nav suite Garmin GNS 430, SL 30, radio with 8,33 kHz spacing,
and a transponder GTX 330D mode S with antenna diversity, as well as complimentary systems. The package includes as well mission preparation software.

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