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AskBob® is a Phenomenal Success Story

The new AskBob® online community for aviation maintenance professionals ( celebrates its one year anniversary this month with phenomenal growth that reached over 44,000 unique page views in October from over 12,000 visitors.

AskBob is an online aviation maintenance community created by ATP to serve aviation maintenance professionals. The AskBob aviation maintenance community can be found at and can be viewed through ATP’s NavigatorV® software platform. It can also be followed on two Twitter feeds - @AskBob_aero and @AMT_Jobs and on the AskBob Facebook page and multiple LinkedIn groups. "Our expansion into Social Media has been an exciting endeavor and provides an additional way for the aircraft maintenance community to connect." said Bob Jones, Managing Editor for AskBob.

AskBob has strong participation from many aviation maintenance experts and partners. The experts, partners and members continue to provide valuable content and information and build a community of aviation maintenance professionals. "We appreciate all the members’ contributions and are pleased to offer this free information distribution platform to the community" said Rich Marino, President at ATP and AskBob. "The combination of the members input with community experts and partners provides a broad source of information."

The sites’ Forums, Employment Board, Polls and Parts Procurement tools are among the top destinations. Besides these features site members have their own blog space and access to post on the Events Calendar and photo gallery. "The weird aircraft section of the Photo Gallery is one of my favorites," said Mr. Jones. In addition to all the online users AskBob is featured in the ATP NavigatorV® tech publication delivery software making the AskBob resources a click away on over 14,000 mechanics’ desktops.

"The whole idea behind the site is that there is a wealth of experts out there. Most businesses have a person everyone goes to for answers. We wanted to create an easy communication channel for all the AskBob's, AskMike's and AskSusan's in aircraft maintenance." explained Mr. Marino.

Last month also saw the launch of the sites newest resource; the Aircraft Maintenance Supplier Directory. The idea for a Supplier Directory came from the Who does it? and Who sells it? Forum topics. The Supplier Directory is a central location for companies to promote their products and services providing one more resource for the maintenance provider.

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ATP’s unique combination of innovative technology, skilled aviation professionals, and a deep understanding of safety information management systems generates proven intelligence solutions for the compliance challenges of the aviation industry. ATP is also the world’s largest single source provider of aviation maintenance and regulatory information, offering over 700 maintenance libraries from aviation’s leading airframe, engine, propeller and manufacturers including critical regulatory information from the FAA, ICAO, EASA, and other international civil aviation authorities, and are accessed with the industry standard NavigatorV® software platform.