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First Rotax e-learning Module Released

This week, the factory-authorized Rotax Owners Assistance Network (ROAN) released its first in a series of online e-learning video modules. This first four-chapter release covers the correct procedures for carburetor tuning and synchronization for the popular Rotax 912 & 914 series Aircraft Engines. Identifying that the correct tuning and synchronization of the Bing dual CV carburetors has been a critical factor in overall engine longevity and reliability, this first online e-learning video removes a lot of the mystery and misconceptions regarding this important task. Additional e-learning modules covering the entire context of Service and Maintenance for the Rotax 912/914 series engines will also be made available in the near future. For more information and to view free this online e-learning video please go to the official Rotax Factory Authorized Information-Education-Support web site at

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