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ATP Announces 32 New Maintenance Libraries

November 6, 2009, Brisbane, Calif. – This month ATP® is releasing 32 new NavigatorV® digital maintenance libraries bringing the total maintenance library count at ATP to over 1000. The libraries include content for Cessna, TCM, Hartzell, McCauley, Air Tractor and Pratt & Whitney Canada. These libraries provide electronic publications for maintenance research including Maintenance Manual, IPC, Service Information and ADs . The publications and bulletins are fully word searchable and fully indexed by model for fast and concise access in the NavigatorV® software platform. Publications are presented in PDF with a linked TOC, and Temporary Revisions are incorporated into the content.

ATP® Maintenance Libraries provide what maintenance professionals need to maintain aircraft - all in one subscription. With the NavigatorV® software, aviation professionals can quickly and easily find the maintenance and regulatory information they need all in one place. Multiple library subscription are combined into a single view within NavigatorV®. These libraries ship with NavigatorV®, FAA Forms, and our patented Profile and Compliance tool. Digital content is updated automatically as released with EZ Update. A monthly DVD shipment option is available. Daily email notification service of new Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Temporary Revisions specific to each library's digital content is included.

The new libraries are:
Cessna 1950’s 100 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 1960’s 100 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 1970’s 100 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 1980’s 100 Series Airframe Library
Cessna In Production (100’s & 200’s) Airframe Library
Cessna 1960’s 200 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 1970’s 200 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 1980’s 200 Series Airframe Library
Cessna 303, 336, 337 Airframe Library
Cessna 303/336/337 + Engine & Prop
Cessna 310, 320 Airframe Library
Cessna 310/320 + Engine & Prop
Cessna 335, 340 Airframe Library
Cessna 335/340 + Engine & Prop
Cessna 401, 402 Airframe Library
Cessna 401, 402 + Engine & Prop
Cessna 404, 411, 414 Airframe Library
Cessna 404/411/414 + Engine
Cessna 421 Airframe Library
Cessna 421 + Engine & Prop
P&WC PT6A-67/67A/AF/AG/R/T Engine Library
Air Tractor AT802/802A + PT6A-67AG/AF/R
P&WC PT6A-67F Engine Library
Air Tractor AT802/802A + PT6A-67F
Air Tractor Series Maintenance Library
PT6T-9 Engine Library
P&WC PT6T-6/6B Engine Library
P&WC PW118/118A/B Engine Library
P&WC PW 120/121
PT6A-25/25A Engine Library
PT6A-35 Engine Library
NetJets Aviation STC Library

For more information on these new libraries, call ATP at 800-227-4610, or internationally at 415-330-9500.

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ATP’s unique combination of innovative technology, skilled aviation professionals, and a deep understanding of safety information management systems generates proven intelligence solutions for the compliance challenges of the aviation industry. ATP is also the world’s largest single source provider of aviation maintenance and regulatory information, offering over 700 maintenance libraries from aviation’s leading airframe, engine, propeller and manufacturers including critical regulatory information from the FAA, ICAO, EASA, and other international civil aviation authorities, and are accessed with the industry standard NavigatorV® software platform.