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Get Zaon XRX Traffic On Your Blue Mountain EFIS

Blue Mountain Avionics is excited to announce that the entire blue mountain EFIS lineup is now traffic ready!

Zaon Flight Systems PCAS (Portable Collision Avoidance System) XRX is aimed at making an extremely affordable, yet highly accurate traffic system available for all GA, experimental and LSA aircraft. And now traffic from the Zaon PCAS XRX can be displayed directly on your Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS screen.

Greg Richter, president and founder of Blue Mountain Avionics says “With traffic costing as much as high-end glass, the Zaon XRX PCAS is priced affordably, works well and is a perfect compliment to our EFIS products. With Blue Mountain’s color terrain system, Zaon’s collision avoidance and XM Weather we can offer the best in situational awareness without breaking the bank.”

Jason Clemens, CEO of Zaon Flight Systems, hails the integration between Blue Mountain and PCAS systems. “There is no longer any reason to not have traffic information in the cockpit. XRX is small and unobtrusive, and displays traffic on a screen you may already be looking at. There’s no additional instrument scanning needed, and the setup is simple. The collaboration at lasts presents pilots with affordable information they’ve needed to feel safer in the skies.”

In addition to the Blue Mountain EFIS system, XRX can be integrated with other third-party systems, including Garmin, Grand Rapids Technologies, and PDA-based moving map systems.

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