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DAHER-SOCATA signs a new order for its TBM 850 very fast turboprop at the AirVenture Oshkosh show

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 4, 2009 – DAHER-SOCATA today announced the sale of a Model Year 2009 TBM 850 to the Carlisle Carrier Corporation’s CEO Dave Metzler, which will replace his previous TBM 850 as a corporate transportation tool.
This order was finalized at the AirVenture Oshkosh show in Wisconsin - where DAHERSOCATA has a high-profile participation and numerous TBM owners and operators are present.
The new aircraft for Carlisle Carrier was ordered through DAHER-SOCATA’s Columbia Aircraft Sales distributor, and will be delivered before the end of 2009.
Metzler said the TBM 850 was chosen to replace his previous TBM after an evaluation of competitive jet aircraft, and his decision included advantages of the very fast turboprop transport’s range and advanced flight deck.
“The TBM 850 has exactly the range we need to visit customers as far away as Minnesota – which is a 1,000 naut. mi. trip from our home base in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, while also providing highly cost-efficient operations on typical 300-naut. mi. positioning trips for our teams,” Metzler explained. “The warranty policy of DAHERSOCATA also was a strong selling point.”
Carlisle Carrier was created in 1990 by Metzler based on his two decades of trucking industry experience. The business started with five trailers, four owner-operators, and one customer. Today, the company employs 300 people and operates a fleet of 250 tractors and 1,000 trailers – serving 115 customers and completing 96,000 shipments annually.
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“This latest order demonstrates the TBM 850’s advantages for operators seeking a highly efficient business aircraft that offers a combination of speed, range and technology,” said Nicolas Chabbert, the President of SOCATA North America. “The fact that we completed this sale at AirVenture Oshkosh underscores the continued importance of this annual aviation gathering, which attracts TBM owners, operators and prospective customers, along with our industry partners and colleagues.”
The TBM 850 is available via DAHER-SOCATA’s existing direct sales and distribution network, and is supported by its extensive worldwide system of service centers. Since its launch in 2005, the TBM 850 has become an international success – with more than 200 aircraft sold, and 164 delivered to date to customers around the globe.
As the world’s fastest single engine turboprop, the TBM 850 has a maximum cruise speed of 320 ktas. at 26,000 ft. (in ISA conditions). It is an 850-shp. version of SOCATA’s proven six-seat TBM 700 turboprop business aircraft, and combines the cruising speed and travel times typical of light jets with highly economical direct operating costs, while offering the range and excellent payload capacity of a turboprop aircraft.

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DAHER is a European integrated equipment and services supplier. In addition to aerospace, DAHER specializes in three other sectors: nuclear, defense and industries. DAHER is developing in three fields of expertise: manufacturing, services and transport, which enable it to offer a comprehensive package. DAHER-SOCATA is one of the world’s leading general aviation manufacturers, with more than 17,000 aircraft built since its creation as Morane-Saulnier in 1911. Current products include the TBM 850 high-speed turboprop aircraft, aerostructures for Airbus civil airliners, the A400M military transporter, Dassault Falcon jets, Eurocopter helicopters and Embraer regional jets. DAHER-SOCATA is expanding its customer service activities to support its growing fleet of TBMs and offer its light aviation expertise for aircraft below 19,000 lbs (8.6 metric tons) through avionics modernization, maintenance, repair and overall package offers. Founded in 1863, DAHER is an exclusively family-run, independent international group, with more than 7,000 employees and 12 international installations (four in Western Europe, three in Eastern Europe, two in North America, two in Africa and one in Australia). DAHER will exceed a €930 million turnover in 2009.