General Aviation. Direct & Unfiltered. announces new Global Rotax Standardized Training and independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) Programs.

Today the official Factory Authorized Information-Education-Support web site for ROTAX Aircraft Engines announced the introduction of new global Rotax training and independent ROTAX Maintenance Technician Programs (iRMT). These new factory programs are designed to establish a global standard for Rotax Aircraft Engine training resulting in a new class of independent ROTAX Maintenance Technicians (iRMT) being made available world wide to service ROTAX products.

This new factory program will allow for individual Training Organizations to become “authorized” via the local Rotax Distributor to offer standardized Rotax Aircraft Engine training leading to the issuance of recognized Certificates for “independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT)”. Each iRMT will receive a specific rating appropriate to the training he has successfully completed ie; Service, Maintenance, Heavy Maintenance, Overhaul etc.. The goal of the iRMT programs is to expand the availability of qualified technicians in the field trained to a specific standard to Service Rotax products world wide.

Beginning January 1, 2008, all “Authorized Training Organizations” will have to meet the new minimum standards established by BRP-Rotax to adequately qualify an iRMT and issue the appropriate Certificates listing each individual’s specific rating. New iRMT will have the option of listing themselves on the web site to make it known they are available to assist Rotax engine owners in the service and maintenance of their engines.

Training in North & South America for the Authorized Rotax Distributors Kodiak Research Ltd. Nassau Bahamas and Rotech Research Canada Ltd. will be handled by Rotax Flying & Safety Club (RFSC) and Rotech Flight Safety Inc.(RFS) respectively. RFSC & RFS will train and authorize third party training organizations to offer the approved iRMT programs. For more specific information regarding these new programs, go to is the Factory Authorized Information-Education-Support Web Site for Rotax Aircraft Engines.

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