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MGL Avionics Velocity Singles Launched

MGL Avionics is pleased to announce the latest product enhancement. After thousands of 3 1/8" single instrument sales, the new round face 3 1/8" Velocity Singles have been launched as an answer to the many requests from customers. Using a custom-made high resolution graphics display, these instruments provide excellent daylight readability, even in direct sunlight. In addition they all have built in backlighting making them easy to read at night time. Each instrument includes a rotary control plus 2 independent keys for easy menu navigation and to access specific instrument features. The Velocity range has a switch mode power supply allowing the instruments to be used in both 12V and 24V environments as well as for reduced power consumption. Reverse and over voltage protection is provided.

Velocity series features:
Standard 3 1/8” aircraft enclosure (can be front or rear mounted)
Rotary control plus 2 independent buttons for easy menu navigation and user input
Alarm output as well as an onboard red LED for alarm notification
Large backlit graphic LCD with adjustable contrast
Multiple display screens (model dependent)
On board voltage reversal and over voltage protection for harsh electrical environments
SMPS (Switch mode power supply) for use in both 12V and 24V systems as well as for reduced power consumption
Light weight design
Field upgradeable firmware
3-year limited Warranty from MGL Avionics US and a 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

The current Velocity Single models are:

ALT-3 Altimeter
ALT-4 ENCODING Altimeter
ASI-3 Airspeed Indicator
ASX-2 Encoding Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator
AV-2 AHRS Display
E1 EMS Engine Monitoring System
FF-3 Fuel Computer
Flight-2 Primary Flight Display
GF-2 G-force Indicator
MAP-2 Manifold Pressure / RPM
ROTOR-1 Rotor / Engine Tach
RTC-1 Aviation Real Time Clock
RV-3 Universal RPM Indicator
TC-2 4-Channel Thermocouple Temp
TC-3 12-Channel Thermocouple Temp
TP-2 Universal Temp/Press Display

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MGL Avionics’ mission is to provide top-performing flight instrumentation at all levels at affordable prices, with the express aim of helping to lower the overall cost of aircraft ownership and private flight. MGL Avionics have sold tens of thousands of instruments since 2001. The current product line includes large and small screen EFISs, a full range of both 2 1/4" and 3 1/8" digital flight and engine instruments and aviation VHF radios.