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EADS Socata and ATP: Exclusive Agreement to Distribute TBM Technical Publications

December 23, 2008 - Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announced an exclusive agreement with EADS Socata Group to distribute TBM technical publications. NavigatorV ® provides Socata customers with a comprehensive and flexible solution for accessing EADS Socata digital information.

“We are excited about the ability for our customers to automatically download the most current technical publications using NavigatorV®. This helps our customers improve safety and efficiency,” said Raphael Maitre, Socata VP of Customer Service.

"ATP provides the maintenance community a single source solution for maintenance and regulatory technical information." said Rich Marino, President of ATP. "NavigatorV® is both an efficient and effective tool for Socata’s customers to find the airframe, engine and propeller technical information for the TBM 700, A, B, C1 & C2 and TBM 850.

NavigatorV® is the leading independent industry standard platform for aviation compliance and safety information management. NavigatorV® provides tools for searching and managing over 3 million pages of technical and regulatory content and serves over 10,000 maintenance professionals around the world.
For more information, contact ATP at (800) 227-4610 US & Canada, (415) 330-9500 Worldwide or visit

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About ATP ATP is the leader in compliance and safety information management solutions. ATP provides a single source solution for aviation maintenance, regulatory and compliance information products and services. ATP maintains the world's largest digital collection of regulatory and maintenance information for a global consumer base that includes civil aviation authorities, maintenance facilities, repair stations, FBOs, aircraft operators, flight schools, and universities. ATP Compliance & Safety Solutions Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATP, provides services and products to enhance air carrier and air operator responsiveness to regulatory compliance, oversight conformance and the requirement for integrated safety and risk management. About EADS Socata EADS Socata is one of the world’s leading general aviation manufacturers, with more than 17,000 aircraft built since its creation as Morane-Saulnier in 1911, including 2,000 TB aircraft such the TB 9. The focus of EADS Socata today is on its production of the TBM 850 six-seat business aircraft and the manufacture of sub-assemblies for civil airliners (the Airbus family), military transport aircraft (the A400M), Dassault business jets, Eurocopter helicopters and Embraer regional jets.