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Liberty Aerospace Announces 2008 Year End Incentives

Melbourne, Florida USA (November 20, 2008) Liberty Aerospace, Inc. announced today a “2008 Year End Incentives Package” for the Liberty XL2.

All customers taking delivery of a new Liberty XL2 prior to December 31, 2008 will receive the following:

1) Fly Free for a year:
Every buyer will receive a years worth of free fuel, free scheduled maintenance and free insurance.*
- Free fuel provided as a $2500 fuel card. Equivalent to 125 hours in an XL2 at $4/Gal with 5gph fuel economy.
- Free Scheduled Maintenance, to include parts & labor, for the first 125 hours or 1 year. A value worth up to $2500.
- Free Insurance for 12 months. A value worth up to $3000.

2) No Payments for first 3 months:
Every buyer financing a Liberty XL2 will receive a credit to cover the first 3 monthly payments on their new Liberty XL2.Total Value up to $3,750.*

3) $5,000 Deposit Credit:
Liberty will match up to a $5,000 credit for any deposit a buyer currently has placed on any other airplane allowing purchaser to “buy now, fly now.” *

4) Free Flight Training:
Receive up to 5 hours of free factory direct flight training in your new Liberty XL2.*

5) Up To $75,000 Tax Savings:
The 2008 bonus tax depreciation will expire on Dec. 31, 2008. Although each tax situation is unique, the potential to save tens of thousands of dollars will end this year. Buyers can take advantage before 12/31/08.*

Liberty is confident that the XL2 is the most economically efficient, FAA Part 23 IFR Certified aircraft available today. Fully equipped with an IFR glass panel Aspen EFD 1000 Pro Digital, the XL2 is the only IFR Certified aircraft that costs less than $200,000.

Intended for use in flight training or private touring, the XL2 continues to be rated by its users as the most comfortable and efficient IFR Certified 2-seater in its class.

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Based in Florida’s Space Coast, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. designs and manufactures general aviation aircraft and is the FAA Type 23 Certificate holder for the Liberty XL2. The XL2 aircraft is IFR certified and meets the specific requirements of flying schools and clubs while offering the private owner/operator a first-class touring aircraft. Well-known for its carbon fiber fuselage and modular construction, it is the first FAA Certified production aircraft powered by a piston engine equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC), simplifying power management and providing greatly increased levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. These technological advances have allowed Liberty to deliver an aircraft benefiting from low operating costs, while remaining extremely fun to fly. For more information visit: Liberty Media Contact Wes Lindsey Marketing Manager Liberty Aerospace, Inc. (321) 505-3414