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Lancair / Barrett Reno Engines

Lancair International Inc. and Barrett Precision Engines have teamed up to offer the new line of Lancair Reno Edition Engines. The Lancair Reno Edition Engine line starts with a re-manufactured “zero-time engine.” The block is custom painted in Lancair’s Reno dark cherry red. Custom valve covers are installed along with a matched enameled induction system.

Barrett Precision Engines enhance the engine’s performance by blue-printing the engine, installing 10:1 forged pistons; dynamically balancing all rotating parts within 1 gram-inch; installing as an option CermiNil® cylinder barrels and rings; flow balancing all valves to improve volumetric efficiency; and performing a full hour of testing including a 100% power run to ensure the engine is creating rated horse power with minute to minute Dyno reporting.

Lancair’s FastBuild Engine program takes the completion process to the next level. All aluminum baffling is installed and, all high temperature silicone die-cut baffling is attached. All oil lines and fuel lines are installed and routed; additionally, Lancair’s performance exhaust is installed. And if you take advantage of Lancair Avionics’ engine harness, the engine can be ready to run in as little as 2 hours.

With the performance enhancements of Barrett Precision Engines, and the extra level of support our customers expect from Lancair, the Lancair Reno Edition line of engines is sure to please.

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Lancair International Inc., founded in 1984, is celebrating its 23rd year selling the world’s most successful kit aircraft manufactured in both high performance piston and turbine models. Lancair manufactures the fastest amateur built piston-driven aircraft in the world. Lancair has a fleet of seven aircraft they offer as a kit: Lancair Legacy FG, Lancair Legacy, Lancair ES, Lancair ES-P, Lancair IV, Lancair IV-P, and the Lancair PropJet. To date the company has delivered over 2,000 kits.