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Anywhere Map introduces MaxNav™ at AOPA Expo

Pittsburg KS. 4 November, 2008 Anywhere Map continues their tradition of innovation with the introduction of MaxNav™ charting this week. MaxNav charting takes all the hassle out of using scanned charts in a paperless cockpit. AnywhereMap software on Windows based computers now combines the best features of vector mapping with the detailed information available in printed VFR sectional charts.

Geo-referenced images of the official NACO VFR Sectional charts are seamlessly stitched together to form a continuous background image covering the entire continental US, plus Alaska and Hawaii. With MaxNav, the traditional paper charts become the backdrop for a user configurable digital vector map, adding a lot of detail that is missing in traditional vector mapping technology. Like a digital map, the user can tap on features for more information. Airspace boundaries can highlight if they are of concern. Obstacles can highlight when they pose a threat. Ultra TAWS terrain data can be overlaid on the base map, highlighting threatening terrain with a red overlay. Even XMWX Nexrad can be transparently overlaid on the Sectional map image.

MaxNav is VERY fast, and has no impact on the update rate of the digital map. MaxNav supports both north up and track up modes. The user can add MaxNav to any map screen in AnywhereMap, allowing any map view to use the sectional data as a backdrop.

The seamless nature of MaxNav completely hides the traditional boundaries of the original Sectional charts, the user never needs to know which map the background comes from. Individual chart tiles are each stamped with an expiration date, and a simple online process automatically keeps the map tiles current and up-to-date. MaxNav is a part of the Anywhere Map UltraTAWS upgrade and it works on all Windows XP and Vista tablet computers.

CEO Jay Humbard says, “Our goal has always been to bring unmatched situational awareness tools to the General Aviation pilot. MaxNav marries the best features of digital maps with the best features of paper charts together into one unbeatable package for our customers.”

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