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ATP announces the ATP® Aviation Hub

Brisbane, Calif., October 110, 2011 – ATP announced today the next evolution of ATP’s online services, the ATP® Aviation Hub. Delivered over the World Wide Web using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the ATP Aviation Hub is a powerful new application framework powered by the patented and industry leading ATP Navigator® technology. Building on the successful April launch of ATP’s online library services, the Hub offers a wide array of valuable apps to empower users with new and valuable functionality.

With the rapid escalation of technology and communication systems, aviation professionals, manufacturers and carriers are demanding new online solutions that mirror these advancements. The online ATP Aviation Hub is designed to deliver a vastly improved experience with integrated, online solutions that ensure consistent operational practices anywhere and on any device, including smart phones, netbooks, and tablets.

With the launch of the ATP Aviation Hub customers will have access to:

• The Reference Library App – The industry’s first single-source online solution providing access to over 750 maintenance and regulatory libraries from over 50 manufacturers and agencies.
• The Profile and Compliance App – Effortlessly build a mandatory compliance and tracking report and record actions taken to insure the airworthiness of your aircraft.
• The Parts App – Improve the process for managing and fulfilling parts needs. This new workflow process streamlines part procurement and reduces transcription errors.
• The ICAPSM Safety and Compliance App – Reduce the recurring costs of associating manual content with compliance and conformance checklists and develop a Living Letter of Compliance.

Additional ATP Aviation Hub Apps are also in development and will be announced in 2012 with the next versions of the ATP Aviation Hub

“The ATP Aviation Hub changes the equation,” said Rich Marino, ATP President. “Now aviation professionals have a single, innovative point of entry to Apps that provide valuable information and knowledge services serving their safety mission. Customers can access their Apps anywhere, anytime, and anyway through a highly scalable and customizable online portal. We are leading the way in the technology revolution with innovative, trendsetting and unique technology services to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers, carriers, mechanics, schools and regulators worldwide.”

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