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Lancair Evolution Completes Flight to Russia

At approx. 11:30 AM local time on Aug 15th, Lancair Evolution, N927LE landed at the Zhukovsky Airport, Moscow, Russian Federation. Flown by Lancair C.E.O Bob Wolstenholme, HPAT Test and Ferry Pilot Pete Zaccagnino, and accompanied by Mr. Gene Wolstenholme, the Evolution arrived to participate as an invited guest in the MAKS 2011 Airshow. The 4700 mile flight departed Quakertown Airport in Pennsylvania on Aug 12th and made enroute stops in Montreal and Goose Bay, Canada; Narsarsuak, Greenland; Reykjavik, Iceland; Sorvag, Faroe Islands; Bergen, Norway; and Helsinki, Finland. According to Bob Wolstenholme, the flight was exciting with great weather on the overwater legs, and the Evolution performed beautifully throughout the 17 hour flight, most of which was flown at FL270.
Alexander Ratkin, Principal of CetusAero in Moscow, and who is an Evolution owner and builder, helped make the necessary arrangements to show the Evolution at Zhukovsky. Mr. Ratkin said he believes this flight to be the very first by a U.S. Registered Experimental Categoryaircraft into Russia. General aviation is a fledgling industry in Russia and Cetus Aero is the largest build center for Owner-Built and civilian Experimental Aircraft in Russia.
The MAKS 2011 show might be called “The Oshkosh of Russia” as it features the best Russian military display teams, many international aerobatic teams, and extensive commercial aviation displays, this year including the Boeing 787. The products of the aerospace and defense industries of Russia and Eastern Europe are shown as well as pavilions showcasing worldwide advanced technologies including aerospace materials technology, aircraft and spacecraft research, and design and testing techniques. Lancair is honored to be an exhibitor at MAKS 2011.
Lancair’s International Sales Representative, Mike Gilpin, is also attending and will remain in Russia for several days after the show to cement the relationships that are sure to arise out of the presence of the Evolution at Zhukovsky.

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