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Enflight, the Best Online Flight Planning System:
Now with Printable Enroute Charts WACs, TACs, and Street Maps
for iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, Desktop, Mac –
for Anything with a web browser

Enflight saves money, suggesting fuel-saving altitudes and giving you fuel prices, even as it provides you with VFR and IFR charts and approach plates. It is easy to use even on small smartphone screens; your own criteria for "Go-NoGo" decisions and plain-English weather briefings keep you safer; and now Enflight answers a traditional customer request for enroute charts and street maps, to help with your orientation and make ground references easier to spot.

"We wanted to enhance the pilot's ability to quickly identify the roads below," said Phillip Apley, the President and lead developer of Enflight, "and adding landmarks to the preflight plan makes the pilot's load just that much lighter. This way, we can accommodate the VFR pilot who needs better visibility of roads while supporting the IFR pilot’s needs for ground reference points."

Enflight flight plans are famous for allowing pilots to set their own "green, yellow, and red" personal minima which, applied to the weather briefing, allow them to make their decisions at a glance, without compromising safety.

Enflight allows you to print, email, or download your briefing and flight plan, plus all your charts (enroute, TACs, WACs, sectionals), with any of your data – TFRs, fuel pricing, radar, AIRMETs,etc. – and rubber-banding of routes is supported.

There is too much to list here, but there's more in a 90-second online video at Just click on "See it in action."