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Clarity Aloft LINK Blue Tooth Headset is now available

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Clarity Aloft LINK

Oshkosh, WI - July 25, 2011
Since the Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset was first introduced at EAA AirVenture in 2004, this technically advanced headset has exemplified the qualities and daily usability desired by general aviation pilots in high noise aircraft environments. Its impressive performance characteristics surprised many a general aviation devotee given the lightweight nature of its streamlined design.
Now, Clarity Aloft is once again poised to bring more capabilities that pilots clamor for in their quest for headset advancements. Aloft Technologies has partnered with Pilot Communications, whose BLULINK™ headset adaptor is regarded as the benchmark for Bluetooth connectivity. The new Clarity Aloft LINK is geared directly towards the demands of connecting cell phones and media devices to the aviation headset wirelessly. The Clarity Aloft LINK captures all the capabilities of the BluLink with a unique feature that deserves mention - instead of having to choose between devices, the pilot will now be able to link 2 devices simultaneously. Priority muting allows music and other media devices to automatically fade to mute for incoming cell phone calls, and for Air Traffic Control and other critical aircraft safety communications. Once set to the pilots preferences, the headset is ready to deliver the signature Clarity Aloft luxury sound for any of the devices that are needed before and during flight.

“The wireless connectivity with cell phones and media devices simultaneously will surely please the most discriminating pilot,” said Bill Waterman, President and CEO. The digital signal processing is so advanced, that listeners on the ground will not be able to hear the engine roar in the background while the pilot communicates to either ATC or when notifying family and friends of an impending arrival. Technical details are available on the web site. Demonstrations of the product offering are given throughout EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh every day at the company’s booth in Hangar C.