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Belite Electronics introduces Digital Turn Coordinator

Wichita, KS – 07-26-2011 – Belite Aircraft, the innovators in ultralight aircraft and avionics, introduces a digital turn coordinator instrument. The instrument is offered in a standard 2.25” round bezel for $199.95. “This new instrument implements a solid state gyro-based turn rate indicator and bubble inclinometer in one small, extremely lightweight design,” said James Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Enterprises LLC.

In addition, Belite has re-introduced all instruments with a black design. “Now Belite instruments fit extremely well with a typical aircraft panel,” Wiebe said.

The turn coordinator includes new, automatically calibrated technology, so that it does not have to be re-centered each time it is turned on. Power consumption has also been reduced.

Belite recently introduced air computer technology that makes digital instrumentation accessible to experimental and homebuilt aircraft. Belite’s air computer technology is incorporated into many of Belite’s instruments and provides critical flight information to the pilot. Also, many of Belite’s instruments feature dual functionalities on the same instrument. Examples include the combination of Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) and Air Speed Indicator (ASI) or Above Ground Altimeter (AGL) on one instrument. This results in a dual VSI/ASI, VSI/AGL or an AGL/ASI. In addition, Belite now offers dual Fuel Gauge and a Positive/Negative G Meter, as well as dual combinations of CHT/EGT gauges and much more.

The new instruments are available in 1.75” square or industry standard 2.25” round configuration. Prices range from $69.95 to $199.95 and are available to purchase online at or by calling 316-253-6746 or email to

“This move to compact digital instrumentation allows for more precise measurement and more flexibility and features in display design. Pilots will find these instruments quite useful, allowing for more functionality with lighter weight and in even smaller panels,” said Wiebe.

Individual instruments weigh as little as 1/2 ounce (15 grams), and the panel-mounted full line of instruments, including metal panel, mounting hardware and connections, can weigh substantially less than one pound. They’re designed to easily fit into instrument panels of experimental, homebuilt and ultralight aircraft. Installation is straightforward and many of the instruments are also available in small 3”x2”x1” portable enclosures with a self-contained battery, easily carried in a pilot’s flight bag and used in whatever plane they are flying.

Additional features, pricing and availability and information is available at or can be obtained by contacting Belite Electronics at or by calling 316-253-6746.

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