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Belite introduces lightweight aluminum fuselage

Wichita, KS – 07-26-2011 – Belite Aircraft, the innovators in ultralight aircraft and avionics, has developed an aluminum fuselage that is sturdy and lightweight, reducing the aircraft’s weight – an important factor in FAA Part 103 flying – by 14 pounds.

“In an effort In order to keep the Belite as affordable as possible, and still retain the integrity of design, we have introduced an aluminum fuselage, reducing weight and costs. This made the aircraft easier to fabricate and cost less to produce, meaning more affordability for customers. As result, we could simultaneously cut our prices, increase the weight of pilots we could lift, and offer bigger engines on lighter airframes, improving performance,” said James Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Enterprises. “Now a pilot weighing as much as 275 pounds can fly a Belite,” he added.

The aluminum fuselage was tested for engine mount strength at up to 400 pounds and for pilot seat strength at up to 819 pounds.
With the aluminum fuselage, a 28HP engine can fly up to a 240-pound pilot in taildragger (priced at $16,500 RTF) or trike (priced at $17,800 RTF) configuration. A 45HP engine can fly up to a 275-pound pilot in traildragger (priced at $19,600 RTF) or 240-pound pilot in a trike (priced at $21,000 RTF) configuration. A 50HP engine can fly a 246-pound pilot in a taildragger (priced at $36,100 RTF) or a 240 pound pilot in a trike (priced at $36,800 RTF).

The new aluminum fuselage is also available as a kit with a fully welded aluminum cabin and ready-to-rivet rear aluminum fuselage for $6,800. It is also available with a fully assembled aluminum fuselage for $8,000.

Complete pricing on both Kits and Ready to Fly aircraft are available at or by contacting Belite Aircraft at or by calling 316-253-6746.