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Comp Air's NBAA Updates

Please visit Comp Air's NBAA press conference on Monday, October 6, 2008 at 1:00 pm, in Room 1, N220A. Get details of our funding effort for the certification of the Comp Air 12. We will also introduce our latest aircraft, the Comp Air 9.

Please join the President and CEO of Comp Air, Ron Lueck, and his team in our static display #98 and see first hand the versatility and beautiful clean lines of our new turboprop aircraft. Ron will have updates on the aircraft along with information on the certification effort for the Comp Air 12.

About the Comp Air 9:
Comp Air's 15 years of experience in building safe, comfortable, fast utility turbine aircraft is clearly evident in this new design. The Comp Air 9 is truly a versatile aircraft, blending the visibility of a cantilever high-wing with easy entrance and egress of its three-door design. With ease of maintenance and the durability of fixed gear, operating costs drop dramatically. Add the fuel efficiency and reliability of the Honeywell TPE331 turbine and you have an unbeatable combination!

About the Comp Air 12:
The Comp Air 12's specs feature an impressive 310 kt max cruise, over 2500 nautical mile range, near standup cabin, and impressive takeoff and climb performance. Powered by a 1,650 hp, Honeywell TPE331-14GR turbine which features excellent fuel efficiency and a 9,000 hour TBO, this new aircraft offers a combination of performance and value that is unmatched in its class of business, air taxi and owner/flown aircraft!

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For hi-res photos of the Comp Air 9 (featured in this post): ...and of the Comp Air 12: