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Lightweight, Practical Cabin Air Conditioning for LSA and Experimentals Available Now From Corbi Air and AMT

No more fans blowing over a bag of ice!
Environmental Solutions for LSA and Experimental Aircraft

Ron Corbi and Dan Coffey at Corbi Air Inc. ( have teamed with Air Management Technology, Inc. (AMT) ( to bring a lightweight air conditioning solution to the light sport and experimental aircraft market.

During the past few months Corbi Air and AMT have integrated a practical cooling solution for the expanding LSA market. This 20 lb modular air conditioning package includes all-electric driven compressors, a compact evaporator and an efficient condenser/compressor assembly, all powered by a 28VDC, 70 amp engine-driven alternator. (Fewer than 50 amps are used.) The system consists of an A/C mode for cool air and fan mode for air re-circulation. When ground pre-cooling, the system provides a 20oF cabin temperature drop in just 10 minutes.

Early on, Corbi Air looked into using a conventional engine-driven compressor, but the inherent weight and complexity of the plumbing made it impractical. Teaming with AMT, an aerospace environmental engineering and manufacturing company, provided an answer.

First Application on Alto LSA
AMT’s lightweight air conditioning option truly adds a feature to the DirectFly Alto that is unique to the LSA market.

Both Ron and Dan have worked hard to develop the DirectFly Alto with several desirable options in an attempt to make it the best flight training and personnel light sport aircraft on the market.

The Fly Alto aircraft with the integrated air conditioning will be displayed at the Oshkosh Air Show, booth # 619.