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Superflite Announces New Pricing on its High-Quality Butyrate Dope

Superflite has just lowered its prices on its System I butyrate dope product line. The heavy-bodied tinted butyrate now ranges $18.33 to $27.50 for a quart and $66.67 to $108.33 per gallon. There are a large selection of colors for the tinted dope, with everything from basic white to yellows and reds to metallics. System I is STC’d for a large number of aircraft. Superflite products are available directly through the manufacturer and can be purchased either through the website or by calling the 800-number.

Superflite also makes a wide selection of FAA-approved fabrics and tapes, in addition to System VI, a high-gloss and durable finishing system.

For more information: 800-323-0611 or