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Cessna Sets Oregon Aero Among its STARS

Special to EAA AirVenture 2011 (July 25-31)

Cessna Aircraft Company recently recognized Oregon Aero, Inc. for its exceptional performance as a key supplier throughout the previous year. The STARS Award acknowledges Oregon Aero for its excellence in the areas of quality, reliability, schedule and cost per Cessna’s STARS (Supplier Tracking and Rating System) criteria.

This sets Oregon Aero apart “as an elite member of the exclusive group of Cessna suppliers that achieved this high level of recognition for 2010,” stated Donald C. Beverlin, Vice President of Cessna’s Supply Chain Management-Integrated Supply Chain. Only four percent of Cessna’s approximately 700 suppliers reportedly received STARS awards for the previous year’s superior performance. Cessna’s Supply Chain Management scorecard measures the performance of direct material suppliers on a 12-month rolling average. Cessna is the world’s premier general aviation company, based on unit sales, with five major lines of business.

Oregon Aero is the leader in engineering, testing, certifying and manufacturing advanced seating systems for aircraft and other applications. The company has a proven record of extraordinary innovation, product performance, customer service and customer satisfaction. State-of-the-art engineering and superb technical craftsmanship make Oregon Aero The Leader in Advanced Seating Systems.TM

Oregon Aero supplies Cessna with the Oregon Aero® High-G® Seat for the front seats of the stylish Corvalis and Corvalis TT. The High-G® Seat includes the seat cushion system, seat pan, seat frame, seat assembly and operating mechanisms. Oregon Aero® VK SmartCushion™ Systems are standard for the two rear seats.

Both front and rear seats meet FAA Part 23 regulations, including dynamic testing, and complement the TSO’d restraint systems. Oregon Aero was awarded the STC and PMA for both the front and rear seat systems. This contributes to the Corvalis hallmark: being built to the FAA’s stringent “Utility” category specifications.

The impact-absorbing seats are not only crashworthy, but also comfortable and elegantly designed. As Cessna’s website asserts, Climb into the Corvalis and one of the first things you’ll notice is just how solidly built and exquisitely appointed the cabin is... From the hand-stitched, energy-absorbing leather seats to the fully lined cabin walls to the ample storage space for baggage, one word will immediately cross your mind. “Perfect.”

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your commitment in meeting our supply chain objectives and mutual customers’ expectations,” Beverlin said in a letter of recognition to Oregon Aero COO Tony Erickson. “We could not be successful in our endeavors without you.”

For Oregon Aero, it’s gratifying to be recognized for upholding the operating principles it extends to all of its customers. Excellence in quality, reliability, schedule and cost characterize every day at the office and production floor at Oregon Aero, whether the customer is an airframe manufacturer, military contractor, aerobatic performer, private pilot or a member of the general public. That’s why Oregon Aero is known for providing The Ultimate in Flying Comfort and Safety. ™