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AnywhereMap Electronic Approach Plates for Windows & ATC

Pittsburg, KS, September 26, 2008: Pocket Plates 3.0 is the third generation approach plate product from Control Vision Corporation. Pocket Plates integrates with Anywhere Map Pro on Windows computer systems, and works with the Anywhere Travel Companion.
Pocket Plates 3.0 includes integrated online updating, high resolution terrain, with color-coded terrain threats clearly shown, XM WX Nexrad overlay, and even a “Doodle mode” to allow the pilot to make special notes on any diagram, that are automatically saved and redisplayed. The advanced user interface makes finding any approach, arrival, departure, or airport diagram fast and easy, and it is well engineered for the busy single pilot IFR cockpit.

All of the plate images take approximately 2GB of drive space, significantly less than the original plate images from NACO.

Plates load very rapidly and the user can easily and intuitively scroll around on the plate of their choice. It is easy for the user to select different approaches at a given airport, as well as to view arrivals and departures associated with that airport.

All plates can be viewed in day or night mode, and they share the GPS with Anywhere Map, taking advantage of factory plate image calibration to show the aircraft position on the plate, along with other digital information.
Pocket Plates 3.0 improves on previous versions with a new improved database, much higher plate image quality, factory pre-calibration, and more convenient zoom options. Pocket Plates 3.0 keeps the best features of the original Pocket Plates family, including the automatic updating system, available user calibration, ease of use, and integration with the entire Anywhere Map family of products.

Pocket Plates 3.0 has the ability to overlay high-resolution terrain, with or without TAWS like display features enabled on the plate. On systems with Anywhere Map Pro software, XM weather may be overlaid from the Mapping system on the approach plate selected. The overlaid weather information can be made semi-transparent as well.

Major features of Pocket Plates 3.0
• Pre-calibrated plates images show the aircraft position on the map in real time
• Automatically shares GPS and Weather information with Anywhere Map Pro
• High resolution terrain awareness with GPS driven TAWS symbology
• “Doodle mode” allows marking up approach procedures on the plate
• Automatic online updating system
• Versatile plate printing support
• Improved plate resolution and clarity
• Supports high resolution plates on both the ATC and windows XP / Vista tablet systems
• Day / Night viewing mode
• Nexrad overlay, when used with Anywhere Map Pro and XMWX hardware
• Enhanced user interface, optimized for stylus free operation on tablet computers
• Anywhere Map pro integration – easily call up approach procedures for your destination airport

By adding the topographical and weather information to the NACO plate basemap, Pocket Plates 3.0 provides the pilot with uniquely powerful situational awareness. It is truly the next-generation of approach plate viewers.


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