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Gleim Launches NEW Website

Gleim Aviation has recently launched a completely renovated website. Designed to better motivate, educate, and update pilots and non-pilots, is simpler, more intuitive, and helps users acquire pertinent information on a variety of aviation subjects more quickly and easily than before.

Improved functionality allows users to navigate new and enhanced features, such as online course previews, specialized resources for flight schools and CFIs, and informative course videos.

A new “Learn to Fly” page, inspired by the Gleim “Learn to Fly, Become a Pilot” brochure, guides individuals on how to turn their dreams of flying into reality.

“It has always been our goal to simplify and facilitate the process of learning and knowledge transfer,” says company President, Dr. Irvin Gleim. “We applied the same principle that has been well proven in our popular suite of aviation training material to this redesign, and the results have been gratifying! Users have commented that they now fully understand what is needed to achieve a certain certificate or rating and can better determine what Gleim materials would best help them accomplish their goals.”

As part of our ongoing effort to provide an interactive and meaningful user experience, Dr. Gleim invites all visitors to provide feedback using the form on the main aviation page. To provide your feedback and examine the updated website yourself, please visit