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BERINGER Introduces Higher-Capacity Brake System for Lancair 320, 360, and Legacy

Tallard, France: BERINGER Wheels & Brakes®, the high-performance leaders in light aircraft wheels and brakes, announces new, higher-capacity brakes for popular Lancair 320, 360, and Legacy models.

The new wheels, calipers and pads will accommodate disks which are both more massive and longer-lasting, improving both lifetime and performance.

Beringer wheels feature sealed lifetime ball bearings, high-strength aluminum axles, and a tubeless tire design, saving weight and lowering temperature buildup while reducing the chance of a blowout. And Beringer’s brakes are famous for high quality, long-lasting pads that, unlike common pads, actually grip better as they heat up (and as the airplane slows down, allowing better use of increased braking power).

For customers who want ultimate brake feel and security, Beringer also supplies complete systems, including master cylinders and stainless steel/Teflon brake lines and fittings. With Beringer master cylinders and brakes, pilots can also take advantage of the ALIR anti-skid system – “a pound of cure” for hot landings. [The actual system weighs just under one pound.]

“This system improves on the excellent results of the original Beringer Lancair system,” says Remi Beringer, chief designer. “When the entire system also includes the ALIR unit, it will also shorten the stopping distance.” Compared to the standard kit items and depending on the kit’s tires, the Beringer 2-wheel mains system will save six to nine pounds. An additional two to three pounds’ saving will be realized by using the Beringer nose wheel.

Retail for the 2-wheel mains system, including assembled wheels and tubeless tires; brakes, and axles is $1678 - 2050, depending on model.

Recommended options, for best braking performance and longest life, include 2 or 4 master cylinders, braided stainless lines, and the ultimate safety and performance option, the 1-pound ALIR anti-skid system, which saves tires and shortens stopping distance under nearly all conditions.

All-up mains systems (with master cylinders, ALIR, braided stainless lines, all fittings, and parking brake, run $2706 – 3889, depending on the model, options, and the number of master cylinders (2 or 4).

The nosewheel, completely assembled with mounted and pressure-tested tubeless tire and high-strength aluminum axle, is $558.

Complete systems (including the matching tubeless front wheel and tire, and all parts, lines, and fittings) are available separately or as a comprehensive kit through Aircraft Spruce or directly from the factory in France.

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