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Liberty Aerospace Announces Agreement With Piper-Germany

August 14, 2008: Liberty Aerospace, Inc. is proud to announce that it has signed into effect an exclusive distributorship with Piper-Germany to sell and distribute the Liberty XL2 to the general aviation market in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

While seeing a significant increase in international orders, and receiving an overwhelming response at all of the major air shows in Europe this year, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. has recognized the need to increase its sales and support structure overseas. Given Piper-Germany’s wealth of experience in sales and service support, combined with an impeccable record of achievement as an authorized Piper dealer since 1968, the partnership was a perfect match. United, Liberty and Piper-Germany sales and service teams are positioned to meet the demands of the two-seat training/touring market in these countries. “The inclusion of Piper-Germany into the Liberty distribution team is a stellar event. We have long sought a quality partner to bring the Liberty XL2 into the central Europe and UK markets.

Given the size and quality of the Piper-Germany workforce and their premier locations, we believe both companies will benefit greatly from this joint endeavour,” said Keith Markley, President and CEO of Liberty Aerospace, Inc.

“During my ongoing visits to Piper Aircraft, Inc. in Vero Beach I’ve been visiting the Liberty manufacturing facility in Melbourne for years to catch up on the development of their new 2-seat aircraft, the Liberty XL2. Having observed the development over the years, I am pleased that both the company and the aircraft have taken such a positive evolvement and that we have been selected to market Liberty aircraft in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. We look forward to continuing Liberty’s success in this new partnership” said Wilfried Otto, President and CEO of the Piper-Germany group.
Liberty Aerospace, Inc. looks forward to continued exponential growth in both National and International markets as sales of the most economical IFR Certified aircraft in production continue to soar.

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Based in Florida’s Space Coast, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. designs and manufactures general aviation aircraft and is the FAA Type 23 Certificate holder for the IFR Certified Liberty XL2. It is the only FAA Certified piston-engine aircraft equipped with a full authority digital engine control system (FADEC), simplifying power management and providing greatly increased levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. The XL2 also benefits from exceptionally low operating costs while remaining extremely fun to fly. For additional information on Liberty Aerospace and its aircraft, visit Liberty Aerospace Media Contact Wes Lindsey, Media Development Manager (321) 308-9621