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BERINGER Introduces New Low-Drag Lightweight Main Wheels and Brake System

Tallard, France: BERINGER Wheels & Brakes®, the high-performance leader in light aircraft wheels and brakes, announces a new, smaller solution for those with light aircraft and the need for lighter weight and lower drag: the Beringer “Formula One” series.

Compared to comparable wheels and brakes, the Beringer solution offers advantages on all fronts. Like all Beringer wheels, the Formula One series features sealed lifetime ball bearings, high-strength aluminum axles, and a tubeless design, saving weight and lowering temperature buildup while reducing the chance of a blowout. And Beringer’s brakes are famous for high quality, long-lasting pads that, unlike common pads, actually grip better as they heat up (and as the airplane slows down, allowing better use of increased braking power).

For customers who want ultimate brake feel and security, Beringer will also supply reservoirs, master cylinders, and stainless steel/Teflon brake lines and fittings. With Beringer master cylinders and brakes, pilots can also take advantage of the ALIR anti-skid system – “a pound of cure” for hot landings. [Actual weight is less than a pound.]

“This system will increase efficiency, lower weight, prevent blowouts, and potentially reduce drag on any light airplane,” says Remi Beringer, chief designer. “When the entire system also includes the ALIR unit, it will also shorten the stopping distance”

The set of two axles (non-standard bolt patterns can be accommodated at slight extra cost), nuts, calipers, pads, disks, assembled wheels and tires, and the adapter for AN hose ends retails for $1499, factory-direct from France. Total weight is 16.7 pounds.

Options include hubcaps ($136 for two) and the upstream parts: lines, fittings, master cylinders (with integrated reservoirs or remote), and the ALIR anti-skid system. The entire package can be estimated according to each customer’s needs.

Most parts are in stock, ready for two-day shipment to the USA. Spare O-rings, pads, etc., are readily available from Aircraft Spruce.

For a quick quote and to submit your gear legs’ bolt pattern,

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