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Newest Chabord Exhaust System Flies on Lycoming 360 / Siai-Marchetti

Epagny, France: The new Airworthiness Certificate actually changed the model number of the Americqan-registered, Swiss-flown Siai-Marchetti, from S205-18R to -20R, and the Lycoming IO-360A1A is running at 200hp, thanks to a new, lightweight, high-efficiency Chabord exhaust system.

Owner/pilot Ariel Beresniak worked with Alain Chabord and the FAA to gain approval for the conversion, which saves some 40% of the weight, compared to the stock system, and also produces less noise, ven while allowing the engine to produce additional power.

"I needed to replace the oroiginal exhaust system," said Beresniak, "and the original was no longer available. The chabord system was very easy to install, it weighs less, it is quieter, it produces more power… and it looks good." Early testing, conducted in mid-April, showed both a marked improvement in performance and a reduction in noise.

The Inconel® system includes everything from exhaust gasket to exhaust tip, and was developed in the Chabord shop, where exotic exhaust systems are normal fare. (Chabord engineers and produces Inconel and other exotic-material exhaust systems for Le Mans and Formula 1 race teams, as well as special-order custom systems for high-performance prototypes in automotive, motorcycle, and aerobatic competitions, including the Red Bull championship.)

"We wanted to demonstrate exceptional performance, quieter operation, and customer satisfaction, before we announced this exhaust system," said Alain chabord, head of the engineering and production firm that produces the exhausts. "We will be showing this system, as well as systems for other popular aircraft applications, including Van's RV, Cessna C-150 and -152, and the Rotax 912 series, at AirVenture Oshkosh – Booth 437 -- later this month."

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Atelier CHABORD is a designer, fabricator, and manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems. Crafted in both stainless steel and Inconel, these systems offer the best extraction possible under the cowling and, in Inconel, lowest weight systems, either with a high-efficiency muffler, or for competition.