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SOLAR IMPULSE Arrives at Paris Air Show, relying on BERINGER® Wheels & Brakes

Le Bourget, 15 Juin, 2011: When SOLAR IMPULSE touched down today on the runway at Le Bourget, it was relying on its single main wheel and brake. That assembly, wearing a 10-ply Michelin tubeless tire, was supplied by BERINGER® Wheels & Brakes.

The 5" wheel, designed for loads of 650 kg, was tested in cooperation with Michelin to 1700 kg static load, on BERINGER's proprietary test equipment, at their factory in Tallard, France.

Test conditions required inflating the tire to over 140psi, and running accelerated ageing cycles, to ensure performance at the critical moment when it was needed. Wheel, tire, and brake all did their jobs, and for the next week, SOLAR IMPULSE will enjoy its celebrity at the Paris Air Show, before being readied for its next mission.

See BERINGER at Airventure Oshkosh 2011, Space #437.

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