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Seventh Generation AHRS from MGL Avionics

MGL Avionics have begun shipping a new generation of AHRS sensors, the SP-7 AHRS and SP-6 Compass Sensor (magnetometer).

The SP-7 AHRS is MGL Avionics's seventh generation AHRS system (attitude sensor) for use with all MGL Avionics products that display attitude. The core building blocks of the system includes a three axis ST MEMS rate gyroscope, a three axis ST MEMS accelerometer and an ARM Cortex 32-bit microprocessor system. The SP-7 will allow the display of attitude (horizon), G-force, turn rate, and slip/skid on MGL Avionics products that allow these features.

The SP-7 can handle roll-rates up to 250 deg/sec and comes in at $200 less than its predecessor, at a price of $800.

The previous SP-2 and SP-4 sensors have been discontinued.

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MGL Avionics’ mission is to provide top-performing flight instrumentation at all levels at affordable prices for the Experimental and LSA markets, with the express aim of helping to lower the overall cost of aircraft ownership and private flight. MGL Avionics have sold tens of thousands of instruments since 2001. The current product line includes large and small screen EFISs, a full range of both 2 1/4" and 3 1/8" digital flight and engine instruments and aviation VHF radios.