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Second Generation Quadra: Exactly What Users Asked for

The second generation Quadra offers more of what pilots have asked for. Want to see Anywhere Map® and Pocket Plates® in portrait or landscape mode? Done. Want Sectionals to update more smoothly? Done. Want accurate wind vectors? Want to set your own priorities in routing? How about improved Emergency Mode operations and better power management functionality? Done, done, done, and done.
Literally dozens of upgrades in functionality (and, yes, bug fixes) are incorporated into the second generation Quadra, a ready-when-you-get-it, intuitive navigation/safety machine that tops the market in readability, resolution (some four times better than AV8OR, for instance!), capability (including optional XM weather, fuel prices, sectionals, and ease of use. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that the Quadra is the most full-featured device available in its size, or anywhere near its cost. (Base unit cost is $495. See for all the options.)
Lifetime subscription options are available, as well, with VFR at $195 and IFR just $395.
It’s also a great in-car device. Once you reach your destination, you can take the compact, self-contained display unit with you and enjoy superb 3D street mapping in your car. The system comes with both a car mount AND a full yoke mount.
Owners of existing Quadra devices are automatically included in the improvements at no charge. Upgrades are included automatically as part of normal customer updates.

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