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Rolls-Royce: Future RR300 Applications with Rotorway International

28 July 2008: Rolls-Royce announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rotorway International to discuss future RR300-powered helicopter applications. The announcement came on the first official day of EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The RR300 engine, launched in 2007 as powerplant for the Robinson Helicopter R66, embodies new technology and advanced design methodology. The engine draws on the proven record of other Rolls-Royce turbine engines to deliver a powerful, dependable powerplant at a competitive price.

Ken Roberts, President of the Rolls-Royce Helicopter Engine business said: “We are pleased to be in discussions with Rotorway on the RR300. Rotorway has fielded a significant number of well-regarded piston-powered helicopters, and we look forward to exploring future civil-certified additions to their product range powered by the RR300.”

The RR300 is one of five new civil engine programs to be launched in 24 months. Its development program has progressed quickly since its 2007 launch, receiving FAA type certification in December 2007, followed by production certification in early 2008 and delivery of the first production engine in March of this year.

Key attributes of the RR300 include: lower acquisition and operating costs; low-weight, compact design; improved specific fuel consumption; an embedded engine monitoring system; and ability to burn a variety of commonly available jet fuels.

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